To Tweet or Not to Tweet

For a long time now I have been refusing to sign up on Twitter. I already find that most of my existence revolves around Facebook and so I was adamant I did not want another time-stealing social media account. Some time back I announced on Facebook to my friends that I would be leaving cyber-world. I got quite a number of disgruntled ‘No’s’, and ‘How about only going on once a day?’ I insisted it was going to be a clean break because if I went on once, I would go on twenty times – it’s how I am – I’m an ‘all-or-nothing’ girl. I lasted all of 24 hours (head hanging in shame!)

Not too long ago I was introduced to Pinterest and played around there a bit. I’m proud to say I am not a regular user and I have not succumbed to any nagging need to visit my page daily. However, earlier this year I started a blog. And then another… and another – simply because I felt the content of each would target different groups of people. So I now have three active blogs. These are way more time consuming than Facebook, because I need to write substantial posts, not just quick status updates. This, to some degree, is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing – that I don’t frequent my blogs as often as my Facebook page. A curse – in that there is so much I want to write, but don’t have the time for, and so I am down to only one post a month on each.

Then we have my Gmail account. Yes, I know this is primarily my e-mail account – but wait! Gmail has the Gmail Chat function, and I have a few friends who use this means to chat with me, rather than e-mail or Facebook. Take this up a notch with the arrival of my new Android phone and its Google Talk app and I have instant messaging with these friends. One such friend clued me in on the Skype app for my new phone and urged me to download it so we could test. It works wonderfully!

Also with the arrival of my new phone, came the timeout for my excuses for not using WhatsApp. I would blush at friends’ statuses about texting being an outdated form of communication. Even my mother had asked why I’m not using WhatsApp – ‘it’s free!’ So I downloaded that too.

Chatting with another friend, I was introduced to LinkedIn and so, like-to-be-in-the-loop me signed up. Guess what… there is also an Android app for LinkedIn.

So let’s get up to speed here… on my homepage on my cellphone I have these icons: Facebook, Gmail, Google Talk, WordPress, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Skype. And, due to my above-mentioned Facebook addiction, I am finding that when I habitually click the Facebook icon and find nothing of interest since the last time I checked… five minutes ago… I click my way through the rest of the icons hoping for something interesting to appear, which most times, it doesn’t.

OK, and now I will admit it… I succumbed! I signed up on Twitter. ‘’Just to see what it’s about,” and “I need to know how it works,” and “knowledge is power” and all the other euphemisms for curiosity. So yes, there is also a little blue bird on my phone’s homepage. This is what changed my mind… I had seen one of my Facebook friends use it to highlight and review kindle books, and I thought that was pretty awesome. I saw huge potential as a marketing tool for my books. I created a handle for myself, and then an experimental one for my book, Warrior on Wheels. I really was intending it to be just for the above reasons and so I followed a few of the same pages I follow on Facebook, mostly favourite authors. The only follower I had was @WarriorOnWls and the only follower @WarriorOnWls had was @DeirdreGower.

And then it happened… I did my habitual click on the icon yesterday morning and my heart stopped… 8 new followers. What? How? Who? I had a look… all writers, all from other countries. I don’t know how they found me, or why they followed me. I only had three tweets, nothing exciting. I don’t know who they are, but felt obliged to follow them as well (we had been told in a blogging workshop that it is social media courtesy to follow those who have followed you). I panicked… does this mean I now have to come up with witty tweets? Regularly? I have followers after all, and they are writers, probably way better than me. So now what? My question remains… to tweet or not to tweet?

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