The Planning Stage

We know we want to travel and we have big ideas of where we want to go. My first impulse is just to pack the car and head out on our adventure… but there are two things call ‘responsibility’ and ‘budget’ tugging on the reins. My responsibility to the work I will still need to be doing during our travels, which needs consideration. I will need a base for Monday to Wednesday each week so that I have a power supply and an environment in which to work, so travelling days as well as date-specific activities need to coincide. My budget doesn’t allow for much other than petrol, if that, and so I need to plan travelling time and accommodation very carefully.

So much for a spontaneous, carefree holiday – but a meticulously planned roadtrip instead of a free-spirited roadtrip still beats no roadtrip hands down. The last few days, the ideas have been swarming and buzzing through my adventurous mind and I have spent insanely long hours on the internet searching, but at last my route is planned. I just need to fill in the blanks.

Leaving Cape Town, our first stop will be Swellendam – I want to take Damian to visit the continent of Sulina, the faerie sanctuary. From there, it’s through to Mossel Bay with some tentative ideas for activities. Then on to Wilderness and Knysna. There is much we’d love to do in Knysna, but again budget tightens it’s grip on my eagerness. Port Elizabeth will be the next stop with East London being the first long-stay destination with family and friends.

Central to the whole trip (besides family and friends) is Hogsback Christmas in July. Moving up the coast, an intended stop over in Coffee Bay is on the Agenda, followed by a quick visit to Ixopo before heading on to the next long-stay destination – Lidgeton, to my biggest brother.

From there, it’s the same trip in reverse, probably with fewer stops, or sneaking in the activities we may not manage on the way down.

Dates and length of stay to be decided.

Travel Map

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