The Best Veggie Burgers @ The Hart Breadhouse & Eatery

I lived in Melkbos a few years ago and had a couple of favourite places to eat. We decided to take a drive out that way for lunch this sunny Sunday afternoon and found quite a number of new places to choose between. After walking up and down the beachfront a few times, we decided the The Hart Breadhouse & Eatery looked like a vibey place to relax and enjoy a meal.

With the fresh sea breeze and a fast paced walk we had all worked up an appetite for fish and chips so we were rather disappointed when, after our drinks arrived, we were told the kitchen was all out of fish. We took a few minutes to debate whether we go in search of fish elsewhere, but we decided we liked the setting and we’d try other menu items – and we are all glad we did.

I chose a veggie burger – crumbed aubergine with ementhal cheese and onion marmalade served with chips and onion rings, and instead of the bun, a grilled black mushroom base. This was without question the best vegetarian burger I have been served at any restaurant. For the two men in my life, it was a crumbed chicken burger with brie and onion marmelade for Rod, and a kiddies chicken burger for Damian. 

Melkbos Restaurants

Our waitrons were all upbeat and friendly, taking the time to explain that their fish arrives fresh every day and that only a set amount of servings are kept to ensure it is always fresh. They suggested phoning ahead next time a plan to visit and reserving our fish order to avoid disappointment.  Service was great and the food arrived at the table in great time. We will return soon to see if the fish is worth waiting for and if it can match the quality of the burgers. 

Melkbos Restaurants



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