Pi for the Office – Round 2

On any day when Joy-to-the-World*, Mr Awesome* and I are all in office together, things cannot go any other way than hilarious. On this particular day, Joy-to-the-World (JTTW) was complaining that she is supposed to know everything, to which I replied:
“Of course you are, so tell me the value of Pi.”
Mr Awesome jumped in with “Hey, I remember that, it’s 2.4 something or other,” to which I replied:
“It is 3.14 and decimals to infinity.” Joy-to-the-World was still quiet at this point, so I continued: “It is 22 divided by 7 and Pi R squared is the circumference of a circle.”

She casually shot me down in one short, brutal sentence: “You weren’t one of the cool kids at school, were you?”

*See previous post “Flowers*Unicorns*Clowns*Kites”

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