Packing Queen and Advocate for Renault's Space Guarantee

A pack-up-and-go trip is anything but when you are travelling with a warrior on wheels. We will be away for a whole month, so we need as much at our disposal as we would have at home for a month. Anyone who has seen us travel before will tell you how much I can get into the boot of my car. So this is what needs to go with us:

1. Motorised wheelchair (note to self: don’t forget the charger!)
2. Bicycle and Riksha (remember helmets, connecting bar, rainproof cover, water bottles)
3. Laptop (or I will see myself with a terminated independent contractor agreement)
4. Standing frame (??? I need to get this out of storage)
5. Horse riding helmets, yoga mat, foot splints (while I’m digging in my storage boxes)
6. Poi (may as well, seeing as though I’ll be going through the boxes anyway – you never know when the urge to play with fire may arise)
7. Clothes, toiletries, BLANKETS (we may end up camping “in my car style” and it is oh so cold).
8. Cooler bag and groceries

I’ll keep going as I think of things.


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  1. Needless to say not ONE hitch hiker stuck out a thumb!

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