Midmar Dam

It has been on our Midlands to-do-list to cycle at Midmar, so I decided today was the day. R20 entrance fee per person, and soon we were exploring, first by car. I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long to discover this jewel of a place to cycle, picnic and just unwind! With long, scenic stretches of tarred roads, it is ideal for road cycling with Damian’s buggy – the large expanse of water that is the Midmar Dam to one side and lush green farmland to the other. Cows resting under the trees and Egyptian geese waddling through the grass, there is a bit of everything. There are numerous picnic sites, each with their own restroom facilities within easy access. Even on a busy day I can imagine it would be easy to find a secluded picnic area, should one wish some peace and quiet.

Besides the picnic areas, there are also boats available to hire for a placid ride on the smooth surfaced dam. At the other end is the Midmar Yacht Club, though access is only available t0 members. However, we were able to view some yachts anchored close to shore.

When it came time to cycle, I was sorely disappointed to find my bike’s front wheel was flat. I asked the security guard at the exit if I could come back once I had my tyre pumped back up, and he said it wouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately, the tyre wouldn’t inflate indicating a puncture, which I didn’t have the kit to fix (not that I’d know what to do with it even if I did!)

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our drive through the reserve and decided to proceed elsewhere having not realised before that we could have packed a picnic lunch and spent the day there anyway.

Next time!

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