Lavender Trout Bistro, Nottingham Road

A lovely family restaurant to enjoy a sunny day, Lavender Trout  is set in a beautiful patch of farmland. The first welcoming faces are those of the goats standing high atop their climbing post, as well as some roaming chickens and geese. Crossing a small stream the pathway leads to the outdoor dining area of the restaurant, equipped with wooden bench tables and with a view of a placid dam.

A wandering peacock examines the kiddies tables which are within his reach, and looks up at diners begging for some tidbits. A very friendly cat also visits from time to time. As we were there for breakfast, we had a classic mini breakfast – egg, toast and bacon (mine was exchanged for mushrooms), cappuccino for me and mango juice for Damian.

The playground is well equipped and the animals very tolerant of noisy and hyperactive kids – the flock of geese eventually flying off to the dam to avoid being chased by the children.

Wheelchair Accessibility: 3/5 (Pathway to outside tables, very steep, short ramp up to restaurant and toilets)
Food: 2/5 (Eggs were very under done – I wasn’t asked how I wanted them)
Service: 4/5
Facilities: 4/5
Mini Me Breakfast R30 x 2
Kiddies Juice R13
Cuppaccino R16

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