Day 23 | Lazy Sundays

A typical lazy Sunday beginning with a lie in and late breakfast eased into a slow drive towards Nottingham Road in search of somewhere interesting. Full moon restlessness, or whatever else, the feeling that it is time to put things in place for this next stage of our life is becoming increasingly urgent and I found myself imagining all my dreams coming true, and the steps that I need to take rising up scarily. This is perhaps how I know it is time to make them happen, despite any discomfort or hard work that it requires.

We came upon The Junction Bistro, and stopped to take a look at the centre, discovering a playground for Damian to play,  buying a few decadent caramel filled chocolate hearts from Chocolate Heaven, and browsing the bookshop.

Back home I spent a brief time reading with a cup of tea and Syrrah insisting I throw her ball – over and over again. A bit braver after the last week practicing in his wheelchair, Damian was keen to conquer the uneven driveway and fields outside, and did just that. A late afternoon stroll in the fading sunlight with a full moon rising over the hill was an idyllic prelude to a bit of TV next to the fire and one of Trevor’s delicious dinners rounding off our day.

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