Harvesting Acorns

At long last I have redesigned the book cover of Harvesting Acorns.

When I first published my book, I spent a long time with the cover, but I will admit, the end result wasn’t really what I had in mind. And, when someone who had read my first book, Warrior on Wheels, and knew it was a children’s story automatically assumed Harvesting Acorns was also a children’s story, he asked me “Is it a story about a squirrel?” I realised my biggest error in the first impression my book cover creates. Yes I know the old saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but in reality, readers – and especially buyers – do in fact make a decision based on the cover.

Yet, realising this, I still didn’t have the images I wanted for my cover and so I left it as is until the right cover formed for me to create. And now I think it has, in a way, presented itself to me one fine Thursday afternoon. I hope this is an improvement on the last cover.

Feedback would be most welcome (but please be kind if it is negative 🙂 )



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