Day 9 | An Equestrian Yard, Game Viewing and My Old Playground

We spent our last day in East London with my sister, Emily, and her children, Kayla and Riley, at the equestrian yard where she keeps one of her horses, Savonnah. After watching her ride, we planned to walk down to the dam and picnic. However, as only things can be when it comes to me and cars, one of the grooms noticed that the underside of my car was hanging on the ground. Realising this was obviously after my run-in with an unmarked speed bump on an unlit stretch of road the evening before, I sighed and ‘of-course-I-have-a-broken-car-the-day-before-I-leave” sigh. The groom managed to tie the cover back on with twine, but I realised I couldn’t drive through the Transkei without getting that checked first.

Emily decided on a game drive through the rest of the farm instead of the walk and picnic so that I could get to a mechanic in time. We snacked as we viewed buck that lived on the privately owned farm, then headed home. Being a Saturday afternoon, all the service centres were already closed. Between my mom and I, we left messages with friends we knew would know a little about cars, then I nipped out for a bike ride while Damian stayed with my mom.

What a gorgeous evening and sunset in Gonubie, and my first ride without towing Damian in a long while, I almost flew the entire way. As I finished, my friend Donna messaged to say to bring my car to her house where her hubby’s friend would have a look. They cable-tied the cover properly and gave me a large bottle of oil to keep with me in case the dripping oil was a bit more serious.

Back home we all gathered on my bed with the kids playing, and Emily and I giggling at Trevor Noah while I packed for our trip tomorrow.

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