Day 4 | Family Antics

Monday and Tuesdays are my busy work days, so we stayed home. Damian was happy to have the company of his granny and cousins while I was busy. Watching movies, jumping on the trampoline and swinging on the tyre swing were all great fun, but I think Damian’s highlight was something he has been wanting to do for a long time… towing his cousins on their skateboard behind his motorised wheelchair.

A bit of hysterical giggling at my expense was when I accidentally let the hyperactive albino boxer, Winter, out by mistake. We all ran after her when she spotted the goat, Tokoloshe, who she began to chase. The goat in turn spotted me, and in looking to be rescued began to run toward me, and I of course ran around the bakkie trying not to be rammed by the goat. All the while, the boisterous sheep, Llama, was desperately trying to get free so that he could chase all of us. Llama was hand reared and so thinks that humans are his fellow sheep, whom he likes to butt, so he is avoided at all costs.

Among this menagerie is Salem, a little Chihuahua who wanted to eat me. I had to put on my long boots as she kept biting at my ankles. Day 4 was interesting to say the least!

After dinner Damian and I went to visit my best friend, Donna for a quick catch up then home to a good nights rest after all the excitement.

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