Day 3 | New Friends and a Car Incident

Sleeping in a dorm with around ten strangers was a new experience, but went off better than I admit I anticipated. We were the first to go to sleep last night, and I probably heard only the next two come through. The beds were narrower than single beds, and as I was sharing with Damian, I was conscious of not pushing him out of the bed. Turning and swapping sides also proved a little noisy with a squeaky bed. We woke in the morning, with Kate in the bed next to ours and her border collie, Tara, eager to hop over to our bed to say good morning. We sneaked out after hearing a number of “Shhhhs” to our morning greetings, and made our way to the bathrooms to shower and dress and then to the lodge for morning tea. After a brief chat with Kate, we settled our tab which was R100 for the bed and R55 for the potjie dinner, and we were on the road again.

We were planning to visit Monkeyland but decided it was a bit out of our budget at this stage, and we would see on the way back. We had a bit of a giggle at a horse on the side of the road though.

Damian having a giggle at a joke I couldn't hear
Damian having a giggle at a joke I couldn’t hear

We stopped at Storms River for a mini chicken burger for Damian and chips for me – not the best breakfast, but an affordable one at R20. Milo for Damian, and water for me and we were on our way to Port Elizabeth. We considered the Lion Park, but decided we’d need a bit more time for that and would leave it for our return trip as well. So on to our only PE stop for this stretch… meeting The Travelling Tribe.


I first chatted to Theunis on Facebook, also an author, who gave me a lot of pointers when I was first self-publishing. We have said before that if the Warrior on Wheels Adventurers are ever in Travelling Tribe territory we’d like to meet, and so I made the suggestion during the week leading to our trip. Theunis invited us over and gave directions to the little house on the hill as they call their farm home.

What would any road trip where I am participating be without a car incident? I managed to stall, and then get stuck trying to get up the driveway of the little house on the hill, and Theunis had to come and tow me up with their landrover – an eventful first meeting. Anyone who knows me would have been more surprised if I didn’t have a car incident during this trip, than by this incident. We met the rest of the tribe and the children immediately included Damian – pushing him around in his buggy while either on their own rollerblades, or pushing him over ramps the made themselves. We were spoilt to a delicious lunch made by Zuko, and introduced to some of the other furrier family members – the dogs, cats, hamster and cockatiel.

Too soon we were back on the road, with an offer to stay over on our way back through, and headed to East London to spend some time with our family. We arrived just after 8pm after an easy trip for a happy reunion with granny and cousins.

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