Day 18 | Meat Free Mondays

Today was a work day, so I spent most of it doing just that – working. By the time I was done we jumped in the car to find something to do and headed towards Howick, hoping to visit the Yellowwood Café, only to find it closed on Mondays. Next we tried to visit the Howick Museum, but arriving at 15h49, found it to close at 15h30. I thought we’d find consolation in chocolate from Florentines – also closed on Monday, and we had just missed the waffle shop, whose name escapes me right now. Today was obviously not a day meant for leisure, so we headed home. I managed to finish the final book in the Hunger Games Trilogy – not a bad feat catching up with my reading by fitting all three in during the last week! What will I do without Katniss now?

In the Gower household (the Midlands Gowers anyway) it is meat-free Monday, and though this is an ordinary day for veggie me, Damian was the only one excepted from this and got a gourmet ostrich burger – served on a slice of garlic french loaf his burger was topped with a layer of cheese, onion rings and mushroom sauce. The rest of us had the same – sans ostrich patty – as a starter, followed by curried beans – which Trevor said was to test my capabilities of eating proper Indian food – and a creamed lentil sauce with paneer. Well, Zan couldn’t tolerate the bean curry, so I don’t know if the glass of smooth Cabernet Sauvignon I had had already numbed my senses, but I thoroughly enjoyed it without any discomfort!

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