Day 17 |Sunday Walk and a Braai

Sunday’s are lazy days, and even on holiday this is no exception. After a late sleep in followed by a scrumptious eggs benedict breakfast, Damian was hoisted onto Trevor’s back in his backpack for a walk up to the top of the hill to admire the view. After controlled burning what remains of the grass is black, though this is a safer walk as far as snakes are concerned. Syrrah joined us, and chased after golf balls we found in the ashes, obviously lost in the summer months when the grass was growing rampant.

The afternoon was spent in the warm winter sun, enjoying a gourmet vegetarian braai – well for me at least – Damian had chicken drumsticks, and Trevor and Zan had lamb wrapped in cos lettuce leaves. The veggie option was much more appealing as far as I was concerned – braai’ed sweet potato, haloumi and red pepper kebabs, creamed spinach stuffed mushrooms, and red peppers stuffed with a bean, garlic, onion mix.

Lazing on the couch, we saw Sunday’s end watching Oz The Great and Powerful – a masterful remake of The Wizard of Oz.

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