Day 16 | Horse Riding, Quad Biking and Swinging

Waking up early, Damian was excited to get to go horse riding after a long while being out of the saddle. We arrived at a beautiful farm to find Polly, a rescued cattle herding pony, saddled and waiting. Being a lot larger than the ponies Damian usually rides, Trevor needed to walk on one side and help hold Damian up as I was stretching up to reach. Such a sweet pony who, despite his nervousness of an approaching quadbike and the frisky horses in the ring next to him, was very gentle and considerate of his rider and the handlers alongside him.

Following the ride, Damian was ecstatic to be taken for a ride on the quadbike – something he has been asking to do for some time – a two-for-one treat of a morning. We dashed home to fetch Zan, and then went for brunch at Lavender Trout Bistro. With it’s play area and animals, it is a lovely place for children to play and eat. We stayed behind to play a bit while Trev and Zan went up the road to the vet.

Late lunch early supper back at home was sashini, fish, pickled vegetables – red cabbage, mushrooms and artichokes, and more calamari for Damian. Enjoyed with some bubbly, it was a lovely rounding off to a busy but fun day.

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