Day 15 | Homeopathy and Serendipity

Today was a non-sightseeing day with doctor- and hair- appointments for Damian. I am feeling much relief after our visit with the doctor recommended by my brother. After countless  visits with just as many different doctors, mostly in vain when it comes to real advise for Damian, this time felt different. This is the first doctor who didn’t blatantly disregard my theory that Damian’s condition was brought on by the measles vaccine when he was 9 months old, nor did he brush off my concerns that Damian’s eczema may be wheat or dairy related, or my hesitance to begin testosterone treatment as determined by the endocrinologists back in Cape Town. By means of kinesiology, he found that Damian’s actual allergy is colourants in food, that residue of measles antibodies are still present and may be suppressing Damian’s natural functions, further inhibiting his body’s ability to develop. So, we left feeling like at last someone in the medical profession isn’t considering me a mom in denial or disrespecting my mother’s intuition, and we have homeopathic remedies to counteract the measles, support the colourant allergy, and help with hormone production, hopefully allowing Damian’s body to kickstart puberty naturally when he is ready and not with synthetic hormones which may cause liver damage and severe mood swings. This all again is in line with my quest to find a gentler way to live.

Our next appointment was at Serendipi-T hair salon for a Justin Bieber haircut on Damian’s request. In the gap in between, Damian went to dip and paint another candle at Piggly Wiggly – this time a pluto dog.  Relieved and with a smart new hair-do, it was home for a quick lunch before visiting Tsonga to look for a pair of shoes my sister wants. Tsonga sell lovely handmade shoes and bags that are popular around the country, though are manufactured right here in the Midlands.

Dinner of spinach canneloni, fried haloumi, roast vegetables and chicken drumsticks for Damian, oh and of course – red wine and it was another round off to a successful and productive day.

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