Day 14 | A Day Trip to Durban

Trevor was going into Durban to do deliveries so offered to take us with and drop us off at Ushaka Marine World, much to Damian’s delight. Damian’s wheelchair also wouldn’t charge yesterday, so after trying numerous things, Trevor taking the battery to have it checked, and being on the phone to the suppliers, Trevor arranged to take the charger in to a place in Durban to be checked. We can’t have Damian without his wheels just when he is in a space with so much freedom to ride.

We arrived just before 11h30 – in time for the dolphin show, and were surprised to bump into our doctor from Melkbos in the queue – the world doesn’t get much smaller. After the show we explored the wreck aquarium and then were just in time for a seal show which had Damian giggling away at the antics of the seal and the ‘volunteer’, who was actually selected against his will by the ‘pirate’ invading seal island. I think he was more entertaining with his fear of the seals. This left just enough time to grab a bite to eat before Trevor arrived to fetch us.

We took a walk through Ushaka Village Walk and bought a toasted sandwich at Java Caffé. A toasted cheese and tomato with chips and an appletiser came to R53. We enjoyed it out in the sun, while Damian faced his fear of mimes and shook the hand of one of the village mimes who came over.

Strolling along the promenade while waiting I was astounded to see full beaches and bikini bodies in the middle of winter – a reminder of how Durban’s climate differs from Cape Town, and even Lidgetton an hour away. All sorts can be hired – surfboards and other water gear, bicycles, rikshas and go carts, and the beachfront is a hive of activity.

Ushaka 1  Durban 1

Ushaka 26 Durban 2

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