Day 12 | Farm Stalls, Reminiscing with Madiba and Chilli Chocolate

For a Tuesday, I didn’t have much work, so we got to go exploring a little further afield today for the first time. Our first stop was Piggly Wiggly, where my brother, Trevor, has a wine shop – Meander Fine Wines. We spent some time looking around at all the centre has to offer, and Damian playing on the jungle gyms before deciding we would come back with Damian’s wheelchair so he can try his hand at dipping a candle – a bit tricky when padded up in his Riksha.
Further down the road we spotted the Nelson Mandela Capture Site and decided to make a stop – a very good one as we discovered. At this appropriate time in Madiba’s life, I felt we were drawn to this stop, to bring our attention to what this man has been to South Africa and the struggles and suffering he endured, and ultimately the forgiveness and compassion his character allowed him to nurture and project onto the nation.
Last up for the day was a quick visit to Florentine’s Belgian Chocolate Shop for a dark chilli truffle I have been craving since the last one I had about five years ago on a previous visit! We had a bit of a giggle while enjoying our chocolates out in the sunshine. A family were walking by when the little boy said “Dad, there’s a big dog in there!” to which his father replied: “That’s OK, I won’t bite him. It’s Tuesday today – fasting day.”
Trev and Zan had a guest this evening and we enjoyed a three course dinner – starters were crumbed prawns for everyone else (soya ‘prawns’ for me) served with avocado and homemade mayonnaise on a bed of rocket and cherry tomatoes. The main course (for everyone else) was pork and clams in a sweet sauce served with hot crispy rolls – mine was the same delicious sauce but served with paneer – an indian tofu made from straining all the liquid from yoghurt and flattening the solids into a ‘bread’. Desert was vanilla ice-cream – Damian’s nightly favourite since arriving. Of course, more red wine for me and I am going to bed absolutely loving life and feeling the effects of my journey to find a gentler way to live.

As a bit of an aside from life beyond these travels, I got all of my results and have passed all three modules with one distinction.

Damian's prawn dinner
Damian’s prawn dinner
My vegetarian prawn starter
My vegetarian prawn starter

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