Day 11 | Working and Unwinding

We woke up to Syrrah, the border collie, opening our bedroom door. Before I had completely registered, there was a massive Great Dane, Sven, wiggling his way between Damian and me on our bed. There was nothing else to do to resolve the situation than decide it was time to get up after all.

We joined Trevor for breakfast, and then Mondays, as usual, are work days, so I spent the morning working until 1pm, while Damian explored the house in his motorised wheelchair, perfecting his navigation skills up the long passage and into the bedrooms. Beginning my work was a little challenging, as Sven, deciding we needed to get acquainted, wanted to play. And when a dog with a paw the size of my hand and who weighs 5 kilograms more than me takes my arm in his mouth and decides he wants to play, all you can do is agree. After a little while I was able to pry myself out of his grip and get to work.

After my work was done, we went exploring our surroundings outside. For a winter day, the weather was lovely. Farmland and forest are two of my favourite landscapes, and with Syrrah joining us for our walk we tackled the dirt road with Damian’s wheelchair slowly and steadily, now and then sticking with the tyres spinning, but mostly managing well. On the way back, I discovered my tree-hugging ways could get us into some serious trouble! Spotting a beautiful tree with a hollow at the bottom, I was eager to take Damian to explore and snap a few pics. As we got close, the trees inhabitants started to come out to see who was getting too close – a swarm of bees had made the hollow the location for their hive. We quickly made our exit before we unsettle the entire hive and moved away to a safe distance before stopping again.

The last stretch beneath the trees was softly carpeted in pine needles and stopping to take some photos, I was reminded by the discovery of a tiny barbed caterpillar that there is much more to discover below the surface of life than meets the eye. There is a whole ecosystem of little beings living amidst the trees and leaves, and what seems like dead winter debris is teeming with life.

The evening was rounded off with a braai as two couples spent the night. Delicious baby potatoes in a blue cheese sauce, a brinjal, tomato and mozzarella bake and a french loaf stuffed with caramelised red onion and accompanied with a glass of red wine- who says a vegetarian can’t enjoy a braai?

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