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Harvesting Acorns

At long last I have redesigned the book cover of Harvesting Acorns. When I first published my book, I spent a long time with the cover, but I will admit, the end result wasn't really what I had in mind. And, when someone who had read my first book, Warrior on Wheels, and knew it was a children's story automatically assumed Harvesting Acorns was also a children's story, he asked me "Is it a stor...
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The Art of the Interview

Being a distance student working towards my English degree in the pursuit of a professional writing career has its disadvantages. I haven't received any practical training when it comes to interviewing, and so by tiptoeing my way through this area in the form of e-mail interviews, finding myself needing to conduct telephonic interviews for the first time was quite a daunting prospect to co...
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Do What You Love | Love What You Do

After spending 16 or so years in the insurance industry, hating every moment, doing what I needed to do to put food on the table I found myself kind of being forced to take the step I had always wanted to take but had not been brave enough to take. Circumstances had forced me to resign as I could no longer be in the office full time and my boss offered me an independent contract to continue fulfil...
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Literature: The Pleasures and the Pains

I love reading. According to my mom, I taught myself to read when I was very young, starting with stop signs, and I can remember spending hours in her office 'writing' on a little blackboard. In pre-school, while the other kids were learning to read my teacher made me go and sit at the back of the class and sort out her cards - probably because I was acting like a know-it-all and spoiling it for t...
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For Better or Worse

An eerie silence drowned out all constructive thought in Alexia’s mind. The tape cut into her wrists and ankles, the knot in the blindfold was bruising the back of her head and the gag in her mouth threatened to suffocate her with every breath she took. Faint traces of something lingered in her nostrils – chloroform? She couldn’t remember what had happened. All that she felt was panic and a deep s...
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Exploring other Mediums

I am a writer. I love to write - simple as that. But when what you love becomes what you do for a living, sometimes other aspects come into play. For example, if you are asked to write a piece that includes interviewing people, you need to learn to conduct interviews. If you have been asked to submit a piece that requires photographs to back your story, then you need to learn to take decent photog...
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Hunt for an AWOL Moxy

Another missed promotion, another breakup, another kilo on the scale. Failure, disappointment, self-loathing – today’s specials. Taylor stared into her cappuccino as she poured the sugar in and began to stir, distorting the little frothy heart that graced the surface. She looked across the café and saw herself in the mirror on the opposite wall. She felt another ten bricks being piled to the alrea...
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Roll of the Dice

Thick mist seeped through tall trees and rolled over a narrow road that twisted through the dense wood leading into the village. The earthy smell of damp soil and foliage mingled with pine scents. The crescendo of the crickets’ chorus seemed an attempt to drown out the occasional hoot of the owl in the upper branches and to compete with the ribbiting toads for supremacy of the night stage. The chi...
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The Common Thread

I love my writers’ circle and the diversity it brings to my writing journey. This morning’s meeting was extra special. We were treated to the writing wisdom of guest speaker, Jan Moran Neil, and there just seemed to be a tying up of strings in my personal journey. The topic was “Writing your life story” with the essence being that the writing of such usually begins with a life-changing turning poi...
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