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Daily Diary

Day 23 | Lazy Sundays

A typical lazy Sunday beginning with a lie in and late breakfast eased into a slow drive towards Nottingham Road in search of somewhere interesting. Full moon restlessness, or whatever else, the feeling that it is time to put things in place for this next stage of our life is becoming increasingly urgent and I found myself imagining all my dreams coming true, and the steps that I need to take risi...
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Day 20 | Road Trip, Buddha, and an Opportunity to Teach

Today was a good day. A long awaited visit to the Buddhist Retreat Centre was exactly what Damian and I both needed. 108km from Howick, I found our way via Pietermaritzburg, travelling through rural Kwazulu Natal - trees and valleys in abundance. For some distance we had a vehicle in front of us towing a trailer with a horse in it. The trailer was too wide for one horse, and the poor animal was s...
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Day 19 | An Ideal Office and Miniature Animals

A gorgeous sunny winter's  day had me move my 'office' outdoors to the braai area, making the work pass quickly and keeping me enveloped in a sense of nature, while soaking in some Vitamin D. As soon as I was done, it was off to Yellowwood Café for tea and cake. The animals are just so cute and the setting ideal on a sunny afternoon - Damian and I had a wonderful time taking it all in and then pl...
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Day 18 | Meat Free Mondays

Today was a work day, so I spent most of it doing just that - working. By the time I was done we jumped in the car to find something to do and headed towards Howick, hoping to visit the Yellowwood Café, only to find it closed on Mondays. Next we tried to visit the Howick Museum, but arriving at 15h49, found it to close at 15h30. I thought we'd find consolation in chocolate from Florentines - also ...
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Day 17 |Sunday Walk and a Braai

Sunday's are lazy days, and even on holiday this is no exception. After a late sleep in followed by a scrumptious eggs benedict breakfast, Damian was hoisted onto Trevor's back in his backpack for a walk up to the top of the hill to admire the view. After controlled burning what remains of the grass is black, though this is a safer walk as far as snakes are concerned. Syrrah joined us, and chased ...
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Day 16 | Horse Riding, Quad Biking and Swinging

Waking up early, Damian was excited to get to go horse riding after a long while being out of the saddle. We arrived at a beautiful farm to find Polly, a rescued cattle herding pony, saddled and waiting. Being a lot larger than the ponies Damian usually rides, Trevor needed to walk on one side and help hold Damian up as I was stretching up to reach. Such a sweet pony who, despite his nervousness o...
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Day 15 | Homeopathy and Serendipity

Today was a non-sightseeing day with doctor- and hair- appointments for Damian. I am feeling much relief after our visit with the doctor recommended by my brother. After countless  visits with just as many different doctors, mostly in vain when it comes to real advise for Damian, this time felt different. This is the first doctor who didn’t blatantly disregard my theory that Damian’s condition ...
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Day 14 | A Day Trip to Durban

Trevor was going into Durban to do deliveries so offered to take us with and drop us off at Ushaka Marine World, much to Damian's delight. Damian's wheelchair also wouldn't charge yesterday, so after trying numerous things, Trevor taking the battery to have it checked, and being on the phone to the suppliers, Trevor arranged to take the charger in to a place in Durban to be checked. We can't have ...
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Day 12 | Farm Stalls, Reminiscing with Madiba and Chilli Chocolate

For a Tuesday, I didn’t have much work, so we got to go exploring a little further afield today for the first time. Our first stop was Piggly Wiggly, where my brother, Trevor, has a wine shop – Meander Fine Wines. We spent some time looking around at all the centre has to offer, and Damian playing on the jungle gyms before deciding we would come back with Damian’s wheelchair so he can try his hand...
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