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Please Leave Your Legs at the Door

A few months ago we showed up at a meeting, though we didn't get to attend. There were probably a couple hundred people at the most in a large venue. I won't go into detail to avoid passing blame or putting any particular group in a bad light or generalising. It wasn't a meeting I was particularly excited about but went in respect of the people I care about, so I am not writing to complain about m...
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Just for a Moment

Just for a moment find a quiet place to sit, close your eyes and imagine this… Imagine you are a teenager. Imagine yourself sitting in a chair. You are hungry and thirsty. The kitchen is only a few steps away, but you can’t get there. You can’t move your legs to get up off your chair and walk the few steps to the kitchen. If by some means you could get to the kitchen, you couldn’t prepare food or...
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