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After going through the various suggestions online about how to spend our 67 minutes serving on Mandela Day, we decided at the last minute to come up with our own idea. It didn't quite go as planned, and we didn't interact with as many people as we had set out to, but we did engage with some interesting personalities behind the guises we pass in our daily lives, whether consciously or not. ...
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Food, Glorious Food!

Showstopper Recipes from the Creative Talents on Stage and Behind the Scenes Some time ago I had the opportunity to engage in conversation with some of the creative talents of a number of spectacular productions, finding out a bit more about their roles as actors, directors and choreographers in making these theatrical masterpieces the successful productions we, as the audience, enjoy. Listenin...
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The Art of the Interview

Being a distance student working towards my English degree in the pursuit of a professional writing career has its disadvantages. I haven't received any practical training when it comes to interviewing, and so by tiptoeing my way through this area in the form of e-mail interviews, finding myself needing to conduct telephonic interviews for the first time was quite a daunting prospect to co...
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