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To Be and Not to Do – That is the Challenge

For someone who loves nature, fresh air, wide open spaces and little cabins in the mountains - as opposed to the bright lights and bustle of the city - my two day breakaway to Kogelberg Nature Reserve held some surprising discoveries for myself.  We've all seen the meme's on Facebook: "If you could live here for a week but had to give up Facebook, would you?" and "Most girls want fast ca...
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Soundtrack to a Good Roadtrip

I was asked to compile a list of 10 to 15 of our favourite roadtrip songs for a radio interview we will be participating in. Oh my goodness... only 10 to 15? What a journey I have been on this evening trying to select my favourites... I have such an eclectic taste in music and the spectrum is just too broad to select only a maximum of 15 favourites. And oh, how my spirits have been lifted on a Mon...
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Pure Tulbagh Experiences

Not often does one get to revisit a town you already think you have uncovered only to find a host more interesting places, each with their own unique experience, that entice you to want to become a part of the inner circle,  and share in the pride, spirit and sense of community that makes Tulbagh the treasure trove of the "Valley of Abundance" that it is. Wittedrift Manor House I just ...
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WWOOF SA – Part 2 – Reflections from Malmesbury

My first WWOOF SA experience in Plettenberg Bay ended with the decision to return to Cape Town firstly to participate in the Cape Town Cycle Tour, and secondly, in search of regular employment again. While submitting job applications, I decided to WWOOF a little closer to home while still at a loose end. As luck would have it, my first enquiry proved successful again and I found myself preparing t...
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WWOOF SA – Part 1 in Plettenberg Bay

Stumbling upon WWOOF [World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms] was a stroke of good fortune. It has been a long-time dream to travel to Ireland, and I was looking at ways to work my way around, as obviously I am not in a position to just go on an expensive holiday abroad. WWOOF is an international organization and has an office in most countries. How it works is that you sign up as a member in w...
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A Walk with the Fae Along the Elfin Trail

When I first moved to Cape Town in 2010, the Cecilia Forest became my place of sanctuary where I'd escape to after a busy week of work to regain a sense of well-being amongst the trees. As a single parent walking alone, I didn't veer off the main roads, always sure of a passing walker every few minutes or so. When I spotted the invitation to join the Travel Massive and VoiceMap experience of the E...
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When a Church Misses the Point

We are currently looking for a church to join as a new family heading towards our marriage and the start of our life together. This past Sunday, we visited one in our area for the first time and were appalled at the values and message being shared, and revered. We happened to be in attendance when the national leader of this particular domination was visiting and delivering the service. The...
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Exchanging Stilettos for Gumboots

During the December holidays I grew increasingly panicked at the thought of going back to a job I didn’t enjoy in the new year. Don’t get me wrong – I loved my colleagues and my bosses and my working conditions were really good, I had just been in an industry that held no meaning for me for too long. Sixteen years too long. I often worked late and also often under a lot of pressure. Though I...
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Please Leave Your Legs at the Door

A few months ago we showed up at a meeting, though we didn't get to attend. There were probably a couple hundred people at the most in a large venue. I won't go into detail to avoid passing blame or putting any particular group in a bad light or generalising. It wasn't a meeting I was particularly excited about but went in respect of the people I care about, so I am not writing to complain about m...
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Mad Hatter Day

“We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.” “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice. “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.” So, if you’ve come to my post, then the above holds true for you too… you’re mad. Whether you deliberately searched for my blog, were led here by some other search term, or it was the top post in the blog roll – you came here.  Welcome. And I’ll admit,...
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