Best Laid Plans

With two days to go I am not any closer to having an actual plan. I have an idea of what my plan should be, but already I see it coming a part at the seams. I have packed everything, I just need to load it into the car, so from that point of view we are ready. Where we are staying and when we are travelling is another story, but the adventures and options are growing and I look forward to the people we are about to meet.

We are planning to meet the Travelling Tribe in Port Elizabeth and have been told we will “make some food, drink some wine and talk a lot”. Sounds like an ideal way to spend an afternoon or evening in the company of an adventurous family. Last night we also had an invitation to visit another family in Stutterheim, to ride their horses and for Damian to go fishing for the first time. I was clear that mommy is a vegetarian and doesn’t like to kill anything, and I was assured that they catch and release. Two families to look forward to meeting on our travels.

Today involved washing clothes and towels for the trip and trying to get them dry in the rainy weather without encroaching on our host families living space. Then it was a mad dash to Plumstead to fetch my stock of Warrior on Wheels – one never knows when opportunity may arise or who we will meet along the way – after all, this trip is also about creating space for me to ponder on the way forward in life: we will not make it if we just coast along in our current situation. In between all of this was an attempt to sort out where we will sleep on Friday and Saturday night. I have one option for Friday, but it will dip into my already tight budget… TBA.

This evening another friend, whom I also have not met, extended an invitation for us to detour via Graaff-Reinett and stay over in a cottage at the family guesthouse. I am still in two minds about this suggestion for two reasons – it will turn a leisurely 4 hour drive to Knysna into a bit of a rushed 6 hour drive to Graaff-Reinet where I had planned to stop at as many towns as time allowed to experience the Garden Route. The second reason is a little more personal.

While I was rambling through all of the above, with my plan to leave early Friday and arrive on Sunday in time to have a base to carry out my work duties on Monday morning, I received e-mails related to my work informing me that work I usually do on a Monday will need to be done on Friday due to year-end admin. As Woody Allen said: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

Let’s see what Friday yields…

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